The ultimate luxury and comfort device that you need.

“I Never Have To Leave My House For Laser Hair Removal Again, And Neither Do You”

The truth is, I don’t have time to shave, and it makes my skin dry. 

Having silky soft skin is so important to me, and I’ve tried waxing, but I actively choose not to put myself through that pain. 

I wanted to have control over my hair removal process, and when I found KENZZI, I knew this was the solution to take with me everywhere.

The KENZZI IPL Laser Hair Removal Handset gives me that smooth-as-satin skin feel, without razor burn or irritated skin, all in the comfort of my own home!

Throw away your razors, unbook your waxing appointment, and stop wasting your time and money.

 I Can’t Rely On LHR Salons Anymore, Especially During COVID.

After countless attempts, I found laser hair removal sessions pricey, time-consuming, too public, and uncomfortable. Then, as COVID-19 shut down hair removal locations and all salons, I had to find an alternative. 

I now have control over when and where I remove my hair, instead of waiting for an appointment at a salon that isn’t reliable!

KENZZI put matters into my own hands, literally. 

I’m A KENZZI Woman For Life!

When the KENZZI handset first got delivered to my home, its sleek, ergonomic, and easy to use shape, size, and lasering motion, made me a KENZZI woman for life.

Unlike the awkwardness of shaving and the invasiveness of someone waxing or lasering me, I felt so natural and comfortable using the KENZZI handset on my own. 

Included in the packaging was an easy-to-follow instruction manual, and I noticed when ordering that their website also has a how-to video explaining the KENZZI process.

I love clear instructions when using anything on my skin, and KENZZI exceeded my expectations. 

In two to three weeks, I saw quicker results from the KENZZI IPL Laser Hair Removal Handset than from any past laser hair removal treatments. Carter even noticed a difference in how soft my legs feel! 

KENZZI sets the bar so high—it’s literally silky skin at the touch of a button, wherever you want, whenever you want.  


The ultimate luxury and comfort device that you need.

You Now Have The Power To Laser Your Body — Yes, Your Whole Body.

KENZZI claims to be the world’s #1 at home IPL handset, and it’s simple to see why. I can now laser my entire body — face and Brazilian included — without pain and without ever leaving my home. 

Since I have sensitive skin, waxing and shaving always worried me. Am I damaging, irritating, and drying my skin out? Am I using the right lotions and shaving creams?

The most comforting aspect of the KENZZI is its five different power settings to suit every unique skin tone and skin sensitivity. 

I’ve used the handset on my face, legs, underarms, and bikini line. It doesn’t hurt, and I can treat an area like my legs once every couple of weeks, in as little as 10 minutes.

Now, all I think about is how soft and touchable my skin is — everywhere. If you don’t believe me, ask Carter! He loves how smooth my skin feels since I started using the KENZZI

The $229 Investment That Saved Me Thousands

Within two to three weeks, I started to see results, and by week 12, I had the smooth and glistening skin I had always dreamed of.

I had no idea that the KENZZI would not only save me money but also so much time. I can literally use the laser handset as I’m lying with Diamond, reading a book, or on the phone!

The KENZZI IPL Laser Hair Removal Handset can also last up to ten years!

This is the $229 investment that will save you thousands of dollars— not to mention hundreds of hours and painful appointments. 


The ultimate luxury and comfort device that you need.

KENZZI Is The Better Solution That Came Along

I wanted petal-soft skin, I wanted to stop worrying about razor cuts and burning my skin with hot wax, and I wanted to stop booking appointments and letting strangers handle my sensitive skin.

Most of all, I wanted my hair removal experience to feel like a refreshing relief, not a painful chore.

The KENZZI was the laser hair removal option for me, and you’d be silly to spend your time waiting for a better solution to come along. 

If you’re looking to toss your razors and say goodbye to your wax technician, get yourself the KENZZI IPL Handset.

Your skin is safe with KENZZI.