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Nutritional supplements I would give the Hilton pets!

"My Pups Took The Pretty Pup Challenge And I Couldn’t Believe The Results"

What is the Pretty Pup challenge? It’s only the most important challenge of the year for pup lovers/pup parents/people who spend more time with their dogs than their friends! If you know me, you know that I’ve raised pets since I was a kid. So when I heard about Finn’s nutritional chews for pups, I created this challenge to test out their product!

Here’s the challenge: Give your dog a daily dose of the Pretty Pup bundle for 30 days.

Why? Because your pup will have the softest hair, shiniest coat, and healthiest skin you’ve ever seen. 

Since my pups are my closest friends, I want to take care of them like I care for myself. 

Guess what? Your pups deserve to look and feel good, too… they just don’t know how to ask!  

I started the 30-Day Pretty Pup challenge because I wanted to see if these supplement chews actually worked, and I’m so happy they did. Whether it was in their mood or how they looked, I noticed some new improvement in my pups’ health, day after day. 

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My Friends Even Noticed How Shiny My Poms And Chihuahuas Looked After The Pretty Pup Challenge!

After 30 days, I saw results…and they weren’t subtle. My friends even noticed how shiny my poms and chihuahuas looked. I received so many compliments and questions, wondering how my pups looked so healthy, happy, and nourished—I was even asked if my pom went to a groomer just three days after I started the challenge. I told all my friends no. I had simply found Finn, a company with the promise to keep my best friends in their best condition for the rest of their lives. 

Before the supplements even arrived at my house, I was on Finn’s website, trying to figure out which vitamins my pups really needed. Finn offers different formulas for different needs—like Hip & Joint for older dogs or Calming Aid for anxious pups—which makes it easy to find a solution that makes sense for your dog.  No matter which you choose, Finn supplements contain scientifically-backed, organic ingredients that are approved by pet care providers and veterinarians. 

For my babies, I ended up choosing the Pretty Pup Bundle, which includes 90 chews made for Skin & Coat support and 90 chews of a daily multivitamin. 

The Skin & Coat chews are packed with wild Alaskan salmon oil and omega-3’s that hydrate and nourish skin. Healthy skin, I learned, is super important for a healthy coat. Biotin and B-vitamins strengthen hair from root to tip, and zinc helps limit shedding. Despite the fish oil, these don’t smell fishy at all, and the ingredients in the Skin & Coat formula worked wonders on my pups. 

My favorite part is, the Skin & Coat chew contains the same vitamins and nutrients that I take for my own skin and hair routine, which is one of the reasons I bought this bundle. 

It’s so encouraging to know that my pups and I are putting the same ingredients in our bodies!

With the Multivitamin, I saw my pups’ energy levels and overall moods become more balanced throughout the day. Each chew has millions of living probiotics—and my dogs’ digestion definitely improved, and they didn’t crash after eating their meals.

It’s sort of like… oh, I don’t know… people! We feel wayyyy better when we take our vitamins than if we don’t.

The B-vitamins, Glucosamine, Chondroitin, and MSM packed into each Multivitamin all work together to support and repair joints. It feels good knowing I’m getting ahead of mobility issues that might come up later in life. 

It’s More Than a 30 Day Challenge, It’s a New Lifestyle

What you feed your dog will affect how they act, feel, and behave—duh! This took me a long time to understand. 

When I found Finn, I knew I had discovered a brand that was started for the right reason—they love their dogs a ridiculous amount, and they want every dog to live their best life. Finn is challenging the way people think about pet nutrition by asking you to think about what you’re actually feeding your pup instead of mindlessly grabbing processed treats off the supermarket shelf. I mean, think about it… how often do you really think about your dog’s nutrition? Don’t worry—I’m guilty of it too. 

But that’s just it! I was so used to seeing my pups behave one way because of their usual diet  that when I started giving them Finn (and noticed such a big shift in their energy and mood)

I felt they were finally getting the vitamins and nutrients they deserved! 

Try the challenge for yourself today! 

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My pets love these supplements , get yours now!

Treat Your Pups To The Same Ingredients You Treat Yourself To!

If your pup needs a wellness routine to help soothe their anxiety, you can always consider the Chill Pup Bundle too! 

Instead of the Skin & Coat formula, this bundle comes with Calming Aid chews that help your pup relax. With chamomile, organic hemp and passion flower, ginger root, and melatonin, it’s basically like herbal tea for your pup. There are natural supplements that you can take to ease anxiety, and it’s the same with dogs. Treat your pups to the same ingredients you treat yourself to! 

Your pups will benefit from Hip & Joint support as well! Finn’s chews for Hip & Joint mobility are made with ingredients to help your pup lead an active lifestyle, create a comfortable cushion of support when playing, calm inflammation, and help with sore or stiff movements. 

It’s so sad when my pets get older. My chihuahua, Harajuku, is almost 20 years old! That’s 140 in human years!

The first thing to hurt as they aged was always their joints. 

As dogs aged into their teens, they became stiffer and slower getting up, and climbing the stairs became hard for my babies. I’m so happy that Finn’s Hip & Joint chews can help ease their inevitable aging process. 

Give your pets the support they deserve with ingredients they’ll love here! 

I Fully Support Finn Because Finn Supports Animal Wellbeing

Finn creates incredibly healthy, dog conscious supplements.  They are reviewed and approved by veterinarians, and they manufacture their chews in top-notch facilities here in the USA that are certified by the National Animal Supplement Council. These chews also come in adorable packaging that’s plastic-free and 100% recyclable.

Need more convincing about how Finn is an awesome company? They continually support local charities and rescue shelters, and donate a portion of their profits to pups in need. Finn wants to make sure all pups can get access to the quality of life they so deserve. Again, this is a company that loves your dog *almost* as much as you do

I fully support Finn because I always support brands that support animal wellbeing.  

Support a brand that gives back here! 

Finn Changed My Understanding Of a Healthy Looking Pup

A month ago, I thought my fur babies were the fluffiest, fastest, and strongest they could be. But now, with Finns chews, my Poms are as silky as my silk sheets, and cuddles with my chihuahuas are like nuzzling with warm velvet. Finn changed my understanding of a healthy-looking pup.

They also run with more energy, sleep with more comfort, and shine everywhere we go!

From its plastic-free, recyclable packaging to its key vitamins that help promote healthy skin cells, Finn thinks of everything that benefits your pup, pups in need, and you!

It’s funny; my babies think they’re getting a treat, but I know I’m giving them the nutrition they need to look and feel their best. Finn chews taste good, make your pup feel good, and help kickstart a healthier lifestyle for your dog.  

Try the 30-day Pretty Pup challenge (or any of their other products) and share the results with friends or tag @petFinn on Instagram! Show off your pretty and healthy pup! Are you up to the challenge of helping your best friend live their best life? I know I am (and so is Finn!)