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Shop these gorgeous roses that last a year.

"I Can’t Believe These Roses Last A Year!"

Roses are a thoughtful gift for any occasion, but let’s be real: it sucks that they only last for (barely) a week, and then you have to throw them away. They’re nice to look at for a day or two, and then, slowly but surely, they start to wilt. 

This is a huge downer for me because I absolutely love roses. Their bright color and the uplifting scent always manage to make my day. But, I don’t love the excessive maintenance, and, even worse, the fact that I only get to enjoy them for a few days. 

Everything changed when I received roses from Venus ET Fleur®. 

These Roses Last A Full Year

Carter has always been sweet with gifts and surprises, and he gets me roses regularly. Even he didn’t like the fact he had to replace them so often and that I ended up eventually throwing away his gifts.

He knew he had to find a better solution so that we could keep enjoying the beautiful fragrance without wasting time replacing them and having to watch them die. 

Out of the blue, he surprised me with an absolutely gorgeous display of roses and a sweet note, saying, “These roses are forever, just like us.” He explained to me he found these roses from Venus ET Fleur®, which claims to make roses that last an entire year with no upkeep! 

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They Are So High-Quality

Seriously, I’ve never had roses that were higher quality. 

No watering, no fluffing up the bouquet, nothing. They stay in perfect condition, including their vibrant color. I was so excited to see if they lived up to my expectations to really stay pristine. 

After trying out a few different varieties of these Eternity® Roses around my house, I have to say I’m beyond impressed with their quality. Day after day, I kept waiting for them to start wilting or just up and die. But to my surprise, that never happened. 

Weeks went by, and they still looked brand-new every single day. And even crazier, they’re real roses. They looked like someone put a new rose arrangement out each day, but it was the same one!


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The Arrangement of Roses Are Gorgeous

Can we take a moment to appreciate the presentation of these roses from Venus ET Fleur? 

They come in these beautiful hat box-inspired vases with gold lettering. There are even a few different styles that you can choose from to make sure it fits your taste.

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I Love How Many Options There Are To Choose From

You can get the classic design, a clear acrylic, or a luxurious suede, depending on your preference and budget. You can’t go wrong no matter which one you choose, because they’re all super chic. 

I love how sturdy and durable they are, too. There’s no wear and tear, even if I move them from room to room in my house. They are so elegant and add a touch of class anywhere you put them. 

I’ve been keeping some in my living room for guests to see when they come over, and the ones Carter got me are on my bedside table. I also started giving them out as gifts to friends and family in their favorite colors! 

All These Forever Roses Are Amazing

One of the best things about Venus ET Fleur is that they have all the colors and all the styles to choose from—it’s amazing! 

This means there are tons of options for any occasion. I absolutely love pink, and they have a few beautiful shades of it to choose from, from blush to hot pink.

They actually have over 20 colors to choose from. Chances are they’ll have your favorite color, whatever that may be! 

They even have these stunning metallic ones that come in silver, gold, and rose gold. I have the gold ones in my house, and they are a total conversation starter! After all, you can’t exactly grow metallic roses yourself. 

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These Venus ET Fleur Roses Are Completely Customizable

To add even more wow factor, Venus ET Fleur has the option to customize the arrangements for bigger and grander gestures. 

This makes them the perfect gift for anyone and everyone. You can’t go wrong!

Just like there are tons of colors, there’s also a large variety of size options, not to mention designs. If you’re looking for a smaller option, they have these single roses available that are simple yet classy. They also have a couple of different mini options that come in square or round boxes if you’re looking for something chic.


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Venus ET Fleur Roses Are My New Favorite Roses

There is no reason not to buy these roses. Like I said, there are so many options that it’s easy to find something to complement your decor.

It’s as simple as this—just pick a color, box type and style, and the size of the arrangement. Whether you want something simple or something flashy, they have it. From simple pink to a bold rainbow arrangement, the options are endless.

The roses from Venus ET Fleur look beautiful.

They smell amazing.

They are real.

And they last an entire year.

Venus ET Fleur is a game-changer. These roses are easy to maintain, so beautiful, and really do last just like they say.

Who wouldn’t want these roses? You can buy your forever roses right now!