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Good vibes to any room with this candle.

"These Energy Candles Gave My House A Whole Different Vibe"

Since 2020, I’ve been spending a lot of time at my house because of COVID. I still work and travel, but I now find myself cozying up and relaxing more than ever. 

One day, I was reading on my living room couch with my chihuahuas, and I realized something: if I’m going to be spending this much time in my home, I want to make it as calming and charming as possible for my pups, Carter, and I. 

Since candles always calm me down, I started to research. I almost ordered a small candle that was way overpriced when I came across the Crystal Energy Candles by Chiji

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I Meditate With Crystals That Melt Out Of Chiji Candles!

My favorite surprise about these high-quality fragrance candles is that as they melt, they release crystals that are wonderful for meditating and setting daily intentions. 

Infused with ethically sourced crystals, stones, and quartz, each candle contains healing and transforming energies from the earth. As I carry them around my home, with me on walks, and during meditations, I set intentions into the healing crystals. 

I also place worries, hopes, or fears into the crystals and relax into finding solutions. When my Protection candle melted, I collected the amethyst and tiger eye crystals that I hold when I feel worried or in need of protection. Meditating with my crystals helps me focus on manifesting energy more directly, and with the scent of these candles, I’m put in the right mindset for a calming self-reflection. 

Each unique crystal guides me into a specific headspace, helps me manifest whatever I desire, and redirects my energy into a positive and less anxious mindset.

It’s always been hard for me to sit still and meditate in a room full of people, which is why meditating with these crystals is a calm, cute, and COVID-safe alternative to group meditation. I find myself way more relaxed, knowing that I’m in the comfort of my own home. 

If you need more guidance, every candle also comes with a thoughtful description, explaining the purpose of the aromas and its energy hopes for your home. Whether you need some peace of mind, you’re looking to ward off negative feelings, or start a new chapter in your life, Chiji is here for your at-home spiritual and scent desires. Find the right crystals for your practice today!

My Lavender, Eucalyptus, And Amethyst Crystal Helped Me Sleep!

If you know me or have seen my recent documentary, you know my insomnia is difficult to overcome. Part of the reason that falling asleep and staying asleep is difficult for me is that I don’t always feel safe once I am asleep. 

Nightmares are hard for anyone to deal with, and there are many remedies I’ve tried. However, I never honestly thought about using aromas to help calm myself before I go to bed. 

When I found Chiji, I was excited to try a new and natural method to help relax my mind and body throughout my day and into my nights. 

For my first order, I decided on the Protection Crystal Energy Candle to keep me and my home safe.

The Protection Crystal Candle is the perfect candle to ward off negativity and keep my space protected. When I lit this candle, I felt a sense of calmness and freedom I was looking for—I could relax throughout my day and not focus so hard on trying to fall asleep. 

My favorite part about the Protection candle is the combination of crystals and aromas I feel bringing new energy to my space. For peace of mind, this soy wax candle is created with black obsidian to release internalized pain, tiger’s eye for protection from harm, and amethyst to disconnect from resentments and anger. 

The scent profile of this candle includes lavender, musk, eucalyptus, patchouli, tonka bean, and bergamot. All of these naturally sourced, non-toxic, and clean-burning scents create an incredible aroma in my bedroom and definitely help me relax. 

Sometimes I even find myself lighting my protection candle and closing my eyes to meditate—I’ve found this calm state of mind brings me peace when it’s time to fall asleep. 

Just make sure to blow your candle out before you go to bed! 

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I Ordered Five More Candles From Chiji…

Turning to aromas and crystals is a reflective, healthy, and natural daily practice to maintain, which is why I ordered more candles and a few blankets from House of Chiji. 

I couldn’t simply order one or two more candles. I had to order five. Call me excessive, but I wanted multiple rooms in my house to have positive energy when I walked into them. 

For my living room, I purchased the Pure Love Crystal Candle and the Positive Vibes Crystal Candle: one for keeping love in my home and the other for keeping happy scents around me. 

The Pure Love candle utilizes rose quartz and clear quartz, which help with self-confidence, attracting love, and relationship healing. If you’ve watched my documentary, you know that many of my relationships lead to mistrust in love, which is why these candles are a positive presence for me to have in my home. Also, the scent of this candle is definitely my favorite because it contains pink rose, lily of the valley, and jasmine.

For the Positive Vibes candle, Chiji included scents like lemongrass, orange, patchouli, pine, spices, and rosemary to wake up my senses and let go of negative energy. 

I also ordered the Peace Crystal Energy Candle, the New Beginnings Crystal Candle, and the Confidence Crystal Energy Candle that I light in different rooms in my room and outside by my pool. When I’m getting ready for a business meeting, I light my Confidence Candle, and it makes me feel ready for any challenge. Not to mention that when I have guests over, they always compliment me on how the smells are calming, refreshing, and relaxing. 

Since I adore Chiji candles so much, I looked to see what else they sold on their website, and I found the perfect blanket to help me sleep at night. These luxury plush blankets are not only warm and cozy for colder winter nights, but they also have a perfect weight to them that is so comforting. 

I bought the ivory plush blanket for my living room couch and the dusty rose plush blanket for my bedroom. With my crystal candle lit on my bedside table, my plush blanket on-top of me, and my fur babies by my side, I’m ready for a relaxing night with Chiji.  

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I Put This In My Freezer, And It Relaxes My Chakras and Skin

This jade face roller from Chiji does something entirely different for my headspace. I’ve used face rollers before, but the selection of crystals they have is perfect for stress relief. 

After a long day of working (or not working), I now use my jade eye and face roller to relax into my night meditation. My Jade Stone Face and Eye Roller brings me peace of mind and clarity before I go to bed. I simply roll the jade stone for ten minutes to relax the muscles and tension under my eyes, on my jawline, and under my cheekbones. This roller also helps align and heal my chakras for peace of mind and calm my pores for clearer and happier skin. 

Before I go to bed, I even put my jade crystal roller in the freezer so that in the morning, I wake up to a cold roller that depuffs my eyes and face and sets a peaceful tone for my day.

There are many different crystal options for this roller that are meant for different daily intentions. 

Instead of purchasing more for myself, I decided to give them to friends and family.  I sent one girlfriend the opal face roller, and she said it helped her reduce stress under her eyes and on her forehead.

Then, I sent my best friend the rose quartz face roller, and she uses it every morning to help bring self-awareness and confidence to her relationships. 

I would highly suggest the face rollers, candles, and plush blankets as gifts for friends and family for the holidays and the rest of the year, as we continue to stay in our homes. 

Find the perfect face roller to gift your loved one here! 

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I Trust Chiji In My Home

Chiji doesn’t make any promises they can’t keep—I feel relaxed, open, relieved, and at peace when I am lighting my crystal candles, wrapped in my blanket, or using my face roller. 

Their products are not an alternative or cure for any illness or disease, but they’ve brought me a sense of unity and control in my mind and spirit. The meditation features of their products are a beautiful form of self-care that I recommend to anyone looking for peace at this time of uncertainty. 

Depending on what I hope to manifest, change, and grow into, Chiji is a trusted brand that I know carries love, positivity, and confidence into my home. 

Taking a moment for yourself is the most important and nurturing thing any company could help with. Chiji is here for you to feel, look, and spiritually align with care, consciousness, and grace. 

Bring Chiji to your home, and let all your worries out the back door.